Blackmailed on the phone РThe story of Bj̦rn and his wife

To be told by another woman that your husband shares your nude pictures on the internet is a bitter experience. It gets even more bitter when your mother is told that her son is into drinking piss from foreign people. Shocking to know that your own kid buys piss and worn panties from young an hot girls, dont you think ? Really disturbing experiences that had to be made by my former slave Björn`s loved ones. This happens to an idiots who signs a promissory note and blackmail contract and fails to pay. I recorded the moment I called his wife and mother. This should be a warning to all other slaves of mine. Pay up, or else ! Bye, bye Björn, you were warned muuuuuhahahahahahaha !

Blackmailed on the phone - The story of Björn and his wife

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