Vive La Paris – Piggy Bank

An unforgettable two-day trip to France is behind me. All incurred costs of the short trip or the shopping trip went on my slave. Of course, because that was the prerequisite that he was allowed to spend his birthday with me in Paris and serve as an object of amusement. The best birthday of his life! Before it started for us, first the stuffed piggy bank of my slave had to be emptied.

Vive La Paris - Piggy Bank

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ITALIAN SPEAKINGAs a second video, Mistress, I would ask you something that plays a lot on the fact that you make me drool … so I ask you to drive me crazy. Miniskirt, boots, the leather jacket with the zip … which will drop down to let me see your breasts, red lips … you playing with your voice and running your tongue over your lips … you cross your legs sensually, play with the zip and show me … and in the meantime you tell me that you know I want to be fucked … but before then … you want to make my life impossible …. you repeat to me that I cant resist you …. that already in a few months I gave you boots, I pay videos just to get excited … that every month I give you 200 euros for your vices … and that you want to make me drool, bringing me close to enjoyment and then stop … constantly .. … and … make me totally dependent on you… and eager to please my Mistress, and that when I am free to move you will turn me on and then fuck me long and hard …


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