Locktober 2022 – Day 23

3, 2, 1, MINE … And by that I mean your horniness. It belongs to me. A fact you can not deny or even want to. With your horniness, wich is mine, I can do and let whatever I want. I can nip it in the bud, or drive you in no time into the needy lust and the latter I will do. The Locktober will be a chaste and horny month for you. Every day you will seek my six-sex-minute teasing to melt in your ever-increasing horniness and to cling to the hope to be allowed to experience an orgasm again after this Locktober, or to be kept permanently chaste and horny by me. An uncertain fate. Locktober day 23 and today you are allowed to play peeping Tom, while I loll in a micro bikini on the tanning bed.

Locktober 2022 - Day 23

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Pay My Bimbo Lips

My gorgeous lips are so sexy, and theyre also expensive. I love getting injections to make them even bigger and sexier. These big dick sucking lips love wrapping around a big thick cock, lips made for sex. Not for boys like you though, the closest youll ever be able to get to these perfect gorgeous dick sucking lips is to pay for them. My lips are a luxury and I enjoy pumping your money into them.

Pay My Bimbo Lips

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GABRIELLA – A footstool doesnt move 5 – BRUTAL face kicking, foot worship, face as a footstool

Wondeful cruel Gabriella wants to relax sitting on the couch and reading a book, but She doesnt want to put Her feet on the cold floor so She uses Her slaves face as a footstool, putting Her feet on his face. She feels that is face is soft and warm, the perfect place to rest Her feet! She totally doesnt care about him, if he breath or not, if She crushes his lips, nose or eyes, She just want to be comfortable. Sometime She massages Her feet pressing and rubbing them on his face. After a while She orders him to stick his tongue out and to lick Her soles while Her foot is still planted on his face, crushing it. She uses Her slaves face and tongue as a tool for a relaxing foot massage, while She releases the stress of the day, then She uses him again like a footstool. She pretends that he stays perfectly still, like a real footstool, but after some times he moves a little, because he cannot breath well, so She gets upset and starts to kick and stomp his face very hard! Then She puts again Her feet on his face, ignoring him.

GABRIELLA - A footstool doesnt move 5 - BRUTAL face kicking, foot worship, face as a footstool

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This video dedicated to my slave Fabio is a great tutorial to become a great slave. In fact, the instructions I do in this video are valid for anyone who wishes to be my slave. The first step is to recognize myself as the only Goddess, and not to think in the least of other Mistresses. You cant get distracted by thinking about other women, for sure they wont be my level. You must give your life and your possessions to me. Ill take care of starting your training path. I will impart rules by which I will be able to control every aspect of your life, until you are totally dependent on me. After that you will want nothing more than to serve your only Goddess!


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