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Her awesome tits make you pay!

Wow! Damn! Look at those awesome tits! They are soo big! They are H cup size already! But that’s not enough – she wants to double their size! And you will help her with everything you have, won’t you…!? Of course you’ll do! But you will get nothing back in return, loser! Of course with one exception: An empty bank account – and even bigger tits of your Mistress Harley to look at…!

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Mistress Harley tells you about your relationship

Mistress Harley knows that you definitely need to learn some very important facts about your relationship with her because she has a feeling that you already forgot about it just because you bought soo many of her clips…!? Don’t believe that this will change anything! You are still just a puppet for her! You pay her so she can buy whatever she likes – and that’s all! That’s your relationship with her!

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