BLACKMAIL for noobs – soft BM to get you you hooked

Once again you couldnt sleep at night, cause the thought to become my blackmailslave didnt let you calm down. No other fantasy makes you horny like that and with the years go by it went more and more intense; however there is still that lil rest of rationality in your sick head wich prevents you daring to go the last step. How much more sleepless nights do you wanna have, sucker?! You know its your destiny to join my herd of brainfucked, blackmailed paypigs and because I dont wanna wait forever untill you bring yourself I created a soft and totally not dangerous blackmail version just for you. Blackmail for noobs is perfect to experience it with nearly no risk. I wanna get you hooked so you start learning how good it feels to send first datas; to expose yourself – but only a little so you will never have to fear anything and if you dont like it it will end after two months. I explain what informations I demand, what you will have to pay etc. It was never that nice and easy – come on dumbass – let me convince and seduce you to go the first steps into my blackmailgame…

BLACKMAIL for noobs - soft BM to get you you hooked

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