Whatever I want – interactive humiliation

However nothing is a bigger turn on for weak morons like you than performing humiliating tasks under my strict instruction. I do not know why this shit is such a big turn on for you and I don`t care about the reasons either, as long as I can laugh about your inferiority. Today I will tear the rest of your ego apart until you cry like a baby. You will exactly do what I ask to do, no matter how ridiculous it will be. This clip is interactive so I expect proof pictures of all the things I will let you do today, if you dare. I bet you crave to serve my sadistic desires as well as my boundless greed. Well, why don`t you purchase this clip right now ? You are a interchangeable, nameless piece of slavemeat. Simply a commodity which I use whenever I want. Have fun loser. I however will have fun for sure, laughing about your pictures.

Whatever I want - interactive humiliation

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