Veronica Snezna – My Human Footstool (Full HD)

Veronica Snezna in sexy red dress and open toe black high-heeled shoes sits on the chair and chats with her boyfriend. She puts her feet in her shoes on the slaves face, flattens and squeezes his lips and nose very hard. Veronica Snezna ignores Alex and uses him as a real living furniture. She didnt care about how much pain she cause to the slave. After some time Veronica Snezna took off her heels and now puts her sweaty bare feet on Alexs face. She continue pushes and squeezes his face while the slave smells divine aroma of her stinky feet. When Veronica Snezna is finished her tea, she leaves Alex alone in the kitchen and goes to her date.Duration: 8min 47sec

Veronica Snezna - My Human Footstool (Full HD)

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