Tied up and riped off – our date with a twist, loser :D

How dumb, horny and unwary you just are: Your biggest wish is it to get tied up by me even once in your lame life and for that theres no way to far and no price to high. Im always pretty nice to you suckers so I decided to meet you in a hotel in my city to make your dream come true and to spice things up a little bit I told you to bring your timerbox in which I can lock the keys for your hand- and feet cuffs for a specefic time. Naive like you are you cant wait but I have a total other plan in my head long since and so you idiot walk right into my trap. After check in you wait for me to step in your room and as I arrive I immediately start gagging and tieing you up. Completely helpless you lie on the floor expecting me to tease and do some stuff to you but guess what bitch – I dont give a fuck on our deal, take the keys and your phone and go shopping with your cash. You have to wait in this uncomfortable situation till I come back few hours later but if you thought the worst part is over – well, no! From the beginning on it was my intention to rip you off and thats exactely what I will do right now…

Tied up and riped off - our date with a twist, loser :D

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