This is just the beginning…BM tease 2

Hahahaha you pathetic victim! Havent you got it yet?! I dont joke around, unlike you key wankers, I let my actions do the talking! Who do you think youre dealing with here?! I am a true goddess, 100% authentic and whoever prays to me will be heard! Ive mentioned many times that you should be careful what you wish for and what you dream of, because I make dreams come true! I am empowered to turn your dreams into reality and now it dawns on you… it tears the rug from under your feet, takes your breath away. You gave so much of yourself and now Im enjoying it to the fullest! Ill blast all your dirty secrets in your disgusting face, laugh at you and have a lot of fun with your thoughtless naivety! Hahaha thought it would just be an online gimmick that you can only jerk off to in front of the cinema…but fail you loser! Ive got you by the balls now and Ill let you watch as I destroy your life bit by bit! Come on, jerk off, you stupid victim! (custom clip)

This is just the beginning...BM tease 2

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