The mistress and the little wanker (part 10 – Bonus length)

Part 10Â…. Today the slave faces a tough day and he has to satisfy the mistress again and again over many hours, in several rounds. The mistress applies her proven concept and fixes the slaves eggs on the bed in such a way that she has absolute control. After each round of satisfaction, the slave is moored to the bed again so that he cannot move and the mistress takes a break from orgasm. The slave remains uncertain how often the mistress can be satisfied today and if he knew how many rounds there are today, he would certainly despair. The mistress does not run out of common ideas as to how she can torture the slaves a bit, and her lust for orgasms seems to be endless today … A multi-part story that shows how from a disobedient little wanker, a very brave and absolute compliant slave. As the mistress says so nicely … “If you have a man by the tail … then you have it all”

The mistress and the little wanker (part 10 - Bonus length)

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