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Give her your money and sniff her socks!

Amanda Rey is an awesome money mistress – I guess you heard of her before haven’t you…? And of course everything she wants from you is all you have to give! Or let’s say: All your money! And maybe you can be of little use to her too… for sniffing her dirty, sweaty socks maybe! What do you think…?

Do you want to serve her…? Then get her great clip NOW!

Bratty Jamie wants your credit card

Bratty Jamie knows what a weak loser you are – and she’s going to use it against you! She comes from work and wears sexy tight jeans and boots – then takes off her boots and reveals her sweaty dirty socks – that’s what you get off on, isn’t it? If you give her your credit card she might let you take a sniff – and if you give her everything you might even dream of a sock job!