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Gia Gold – Payday For The Slave (HDTVMOV)

here we have another brand new clip with gorgeous goddess gia gold! clip starts with YOU kneeling on the floor and adoring those ultra high heeled black plateau sandals! then YOUR eyes move up to those superbeautiful mistress dressed in stunning black pvc…”well, there YOU are…i am happy to see you! why you may ask, but of course you dont have to ask… yes…its monthly payday…” she smiles… “only for me…so…i think you have something for me…do ya?” YOU have and give her a 5-eur-buck….”thats a joke, isnt? YOU mean this serios? i show YOU what i do with 5 bucks” and with that she crushes it between her fingers…well…this is just the start of an epic cool clip. gia gold is very strict, demanding and in the end YOU will give her ALL of YOUR money. and even YOUR credit cards! excellent financial domination clip. german language! clip duration: 10.29 mins. Quicktime HDTV 1280 x 720 px size! 3800 kBit/s. Excellent brilliant Quality!

Gia Gold - Payday For The Slave (HDTVMOV)

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