Submissive male – a renewable resource

You jerk, you pay, you jerk, you pay …. thats how your life can be summarized in broad terms. You are trapped in this horrible cycle and will never escape. You are a replaceable character in a nameless and faceless army of inferior second- and third-rate men. Submissive males are a renewable resource that never dies out. For attractive alpha woman like myself you are just human material that can be harvested and used. You will be squeezed out until you gave everything what you can give and afterwards you will be thrown back into the insignificance you came from. You exist for those few months in which you are allowed to be more than an uninteresting nobody, its the fulfillment of your birth order. Be what you crave to be, buy this mind fucking clip now ! It`s an order, bitchboy !

Submissive male - a renewable resource

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