Sub – Programmed to Pay

You are a pathetic insignificant male. Your life is meaningless. You are ugly. You have a dull personality. You have nothing going for you at all. Your mundane routine involves nothing more than jerking off and contributing nothing to society. But today I am going to turn your life around. I am going to give you the rare opportunity to actually become something. That something is a pay slave. You will learn quickly that you can be useful afterall. You can have a purpose and that purpose is paying. There is no other way to get the attention of such a supreme and powerful Goddess as myself, unless you are paying. Today I am going to verbally abuse you, lower you and tear down that ego. Then at your lowest state, I am going to entrance you with my tight black latex and Goddess body. I send you deeper and deeper into a submissive state. Get comfortable, turn off your phone, lock the door, as you get ready to be programmed to pay. Before you know it, you will be begging to pay and thanking me for allowing you to do so. Warning: contains binaural beats and haunting h9pn0tic music, designed to access the deepest levels of your subconscious mind. Do not drive or operate machinery after watching this video. CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF: FINANCIAL DOMINATION, MINDFUCK, HUMILIATION, FEMDOM POV, LATEX, GODDESS WORSHIP, VERBAL HUMILIATION, MENTAL DOMINATION.

Sub - Programmed to Pay

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