Sub – Deeper Addiction Part 2

Best viewed after watching “Sub – Deeper Addiction”. After watching “Sub – Deeper Addiction” you have now accepted and completely submit to my power. You have experienced nothing like it before and long for more. Today is your chance to relish in more of my addiction deepening hy-pn0Si$. I am going to enter your mind and own it. I am going to operate your sensations and utilise your arousal to my advantage. Your addiction to my control will become deeper than ever. Today you are going to feel the beauty of my control, you will be bathed in utter dominance. My seductive voice and eyes are going to send you to a place never experienced. The pain of suffering to please me becomes your ultimate pleasure. Contains binaural beats and imagery. Requires headphones. Warning: do not drive or operate machinery for at least 8 hours after watching this clip. CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF: MIND FUCK, MENTAL DOMINATION, MESMERIZE, FEMDOM POV, GODDESS WORSHIP, POWERFUL WOMAN, FEMALE SUPREMACY, SLAVE TRAINING.

Sub - Deeper Addiction Part 2

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