Sub – Chastity Programming Part 2

Best viewed after watching chastity programming part 1.So youve rushed online to buy one of my chastity devices. You have spent some time getting used to the device. You have quickly learned how close you feel to me when wearing it. The control I have over you is phenomenal. Now it is time for you to sit down, close the curtains, turn off your phone and get ready to immerse yourself in my sub Chastity Programming Part 2. This time I will be sending you deeper under my spell, mesmerizing you into a state of desperation to send me that key. By the end of this clips, you will be longing to see me wearing that key around my neck. But first I will be giving you detailed instructions on how to get to that stage. Just imagine it. Permanently caged, no key, I your ultimate goddess posessessing that key. Be prepared for your new, dedicated chastity journey. CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF: CHASTITY, MENTAL DOMINATION, MIND FUCK, MESMERIZE, ORGASM CONTROL, ORGASM DENIAL, SLAVE TRAINING, FEMDOM, FEMDOM POV, FINDOM, FINANCIAL DOMINATION, GODDESS WORSHP.

Sub - Chastity Programming Part 2

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