Sub – Break The Cycle

You have tried many times to break the cycle of your findom/femdom addiction. This video is a prerequisite to breaking the cycle of your addiction. Like any addiction, you need to take those first steps. I admit that I am a dangerous Goddess to someone like you. But dont let that put you off, because there is no better way to get over your addiction that by facing your biggest demon. A true Femdom. I will admit that I love to prey on weak males, ruining and destroying them, but today I am going to help you break free of your needs and allow you a little escape route. This video will break your cycle of addiction and put you the right track. Im here to help. To help you focus on living a life of pleasure. However, with all my videos, there is a deep dark catch. But regardless of this, you will finish this video loving me more than ever. Are you ready to face up to your demon? Are you brave enough to trust me with your vulnerability? Take the ride…. take the risk to break that cycle. Once you are free, you can then thank me later. Warning: do not drive or operate machinery for at least 8 hours after watching this clip. By watching this video, you accept full responsibility for anything that may occur both positively and negatively from this experience. CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF: MIND FUCK, MENTAL DOMINATION, GODDESS WORSHIP, MESMERIZE, FEMDOM POV, FEMDOM, POWERFUL WOMAN, SLAVE TRAINING.

Sub - Break The Cycle

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