Sub – Blank Arousal

Fall prey to one of my subliminal programming masterpieces. Today I am going to send you down into a relaxed state. Once there I will step in, invade your mind, take what I want, implant what I want and utilise your mind like a toy. I am going to mesmerize you into a blank, stupid aroused state. You are going to stare at my glossy lips, perk tits, slim body. You are going to listen to my soothing and seductive English accent as I chip away at your confidence, ego and masculinity bit by bit. You are going to be programmed to serve, obey and pay. All men become will become submissive after watching this very powerful video I am going to leave you aroused, used and utterly destroyed. Requires headphones for maximum effect. Contains binaural beats, subliminal suggestion, imagery and sounds. WARNING: Do not drive or operate machinery after watching and listening to this video. CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF: MINDFUCK, MENTAL DOMINATION, FEMDOM POV, GODDESS WORSHIP, FINANCIAL DOMINATION, SLAVE/SUB TRAINING, HUMILIATION, MESMERIZE.

Sub - Blank Arousal

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