SKYPE Contact – The recruitment Clip – Moneymeat WANTED!

You really think I would be interested in anything about you, other than your money? Certainly not! I wouldn?t even look at you if you walked past me on the road. I do not talk to losers, I certainly do not acknowledge your existence in my world. I know perfectly well you cannot obtain the attention of any sensible woman. This drives you to insane levels of submissiveness, including the Findom fantasies that you jerk too. Yes, we clever women understand this and have perfected how to use this knowledge, we have even created an industry around it. Why shouldn?t we, we are not the losers here, you are. It would be silly of us not to take advantage of you losers. A loser like you will even pay for the privilege to get my Skype address and beg to contact me there. When you buy this clip, you will have the opportunity to contact me on Skype, the thought of this is making you hard right now loser! All you are good for is being exploited, there is no other use for an ugly nerd like you. So you want to be recruited for my army of losers and be my new dependent drone? Great, start jerking right now and buy this!

SKYPE Contact - The recruitment Clip - Moneymeat WANTED!

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