Self-Service – Be my open wallet Zombie

It is not hard to guess how I prefer my slaves. I love it when you are a mindless possession serving me. I like you to have a total lack of will when you sit there and stare helpless at the screen. I capture your eyes, your head, your mind and your will in my spell and exploit you for my purposes. You love it more when you are helpless masturbating sitting in front of your PC while I use my TeamViewer on your accounts? Come on admit it, nothing makes your cock harder, nothing excites you more than to see how such a horny woman as I simply takes what I deserve. Youre a slave, you do not deserve to have an awesome life. You are a walking-market, your wallet is always open for me, allowing me to take what I want. I bet you dream of meeting me in the street, walking 3 steps behind me at all times as a sign of subservience to your Goddess, only there to fulfil my every wish. I bet your cock is hard and the words you have just read electrify your thoughts! Then click buy and let yourself be seduced by me and enter my world. Youll love it to be my open wallet Zombie!

Self-Service - Be my open wallet Zombie

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