Saturday Night – Loser Night

Hey boy ! Its quite simple ! You need findom. Its a matter of fact that you need to pay money in order to have a fulfilling orgasm. Am I right ? Sure I am ! You wont be here, sitting in front of you computer screen, jerking like crazy if you wouldnt be a little femdom addict. You dont go out on a Saturday night anyway. You probably never go out. You are to ugly, you have no friends, you have no goals in life. All YOU DO, is to jerk your shrimp dick to fetishporn. Real people go out and enjoy their lifes while you sit at home, sad…lonely…you are just some loser nobody cares about. Thats for a reason boy: Society dont want you ! If you are to ugly or cant fuck or even cant get a girl, you are useless. You are a wast of human resource. Nature dont want you to reproduce. You were only born for one reason ! You were born to serve alphas. Alphawoman of my kind, or maybe even an alphacouple. Thats why you are watching this clip right now and thats why you pay money for getting humiliated. You NEED it. Its a must ! Its the purpose of your life. This clip is interactive, so if you perform the given tasks on a saturday night I might mock you for being so pathetic. At least if I am in the right mood. It doesnt matter if it is a Saturday night clip…You are so extremely addicted I bet you cant wait to watch this clip, you need to watch it as quick as you can, no matter which day.

Saturday Night - Loser Night

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