REALTALK – Walletrinse – Goddess Mel & Slavegirl Zoey Part 1

Haha, you read it right… you will pay to my female slave in the future too. Because shes above you, pay cunt. This is an additional humiliation for you, just like you need it. She will punish you with fines and tell you how much you pay to her 😀 In this clip you can see how the phone call with my property, my debt cunt Toni develops. My slave Toni even gets a name from slave Zoey and is also verbally humiliated by her. Even if it is hard for her, because she is submissive. I have to help her… …but shes doing pretty good at humiliating loser cunts. My female slave is also rebuked by ME here! You want to see how I dominate both of them? Then buy this clip! An absolutely hot and NEW experience for all who worship ME, want to pay to me and Zoey! the pure & absolutely perfect dominance, power & perfection of GODDESS MEL!

REALTALK - Walletrinse - Goddess Mel & Slavegirl Zoey Part 1

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