Real BLACKMAIL Session with my Slave D. Part 3 – Chastity & Promissory Note

Part 3: My bitch is going to sign an promissory note because he has no choice! How high is this? What have I prepared? How well he signs? SELF SHOW and maybe you dare to crawl to my feet 😉 The second part – The bitch is locked in my chamber! He has not heard and it is extremely uncomfortable! Who does not want to hear must feel! PURE humiliation and psychological pressure… Because my slave did not hear! My educational measure?! Look to 😉 My cunt D. was allowed after the last meeting before almost 4! years finally once again line up. Before he had sent me a document by WhatsApp by agreeing to Blackmail and the recording of the video. As well as for me to buy and suck cocks, so BI-Play. Unfortunately, no suitor had registered for the day on which our session took place… Be that as it may, Goddess Mel knows how to play with slaves and how to let the liquids freeze in your veins! In this session my bitch became the first CLOSED in the chastity cage, with MY CLOSE and MY KEYS of course. The task was clear: If he is doing well in the hours he was allowed to spend at ME and to serve, he gets out of the CB, if not, he has to talk at home so that his old lady doesnt notice anything 😀 I have sensitive data of him, photos WITHOUT mask, employer, mobile phone number of his wife, identity card…. Look what happened to my slave in the 1st part! This session series is UNIQUE and extremely exciting, not only for lovers of BM and chastity! The chamber on my balcony is a sensational and extremely suitable place for slaves! Dark, dirty & cold 😉 Have fun!

Real BLACKMAIL Session with my Slave D. Part 3 - Chastity & Promissory Note

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