Promissory Note – My *new* Slave

You have been thinking for a long time about binding yourself by means of a promissory bill that is legally absolutely watertight and incontestable! Just like my “newcomer” – My Loser4Life only gets hard when he is allowed to pay me. After 4 years in which we know each other, he has decided on his own and as he said, Consciously decided to “have to” pay me month by month and it would be outrageous to spend MY MONEY, which I am entitled to on dates with strange ladies who would never meet him anyway 😀 You were missing a detailed description on the subject of debt to ME, Goddess Mel, so far! Or were you just missing the corresponding brain fucking clip for you to download my promissory bill like a puppet, sign it and bind yourself! Anyway, whatever kept you from signing an admission of guilt until today… this clip!

Promissory Note -  My *new* Slave

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