Pay the Elite – Worship – Stroke – and pay even more

I only deserve the BEST things in life! Brands – fast cars – Luxury – First Class! And I will never pay with my own ca$h! These legs make you weak and stupid! You would die for to touch or kiss my beautiful divine long legs, wont you? Its weekend and while youre sitting home alone, stroking to my clips, I will party hard in my brand new outfit! Betas like you dont deserve to have fun. Youre born to worship – stroke and pay beautiful bossy girls like me! You even dont deserve to cum! Stay in cage and edge – while you spend all your savings – cauz your weak stupid mind says so! Do you want to join my empire? Do you want the best feeling in your life? My status: Elite – I deserve: Everything – Your task: Keep spending!

Pay the Elite - Worship - Stroke - and pay even more

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