Pastel Goddess – POV Your Orgasm is Watching Me Orgasm

You poor little chastity slave. I bet you thought you were going to get a chance to cum today! Too bad though. Ive got no jerk off instructions for you, because you dont get to cum. Or do you? Im thinking Im going to reprogram you to believe that watching me orgasm IS your orgasm.Watch me from your little cage at the end of the bed as I play with my shiny new toy and fuck myself with it. Id never fuck you. You have a dick thats too small to even see, so whats the point? This vibrator gives me way more pleasure than you ever could. In fact, I think you get more pleasure out of watching me fuck myself than you would if I let you fuck me. Youre a weak and broken beta. Im right, arent I?I know I am, thats why youll love every second of this sensual clip. I fart in your face, fuck myself deep and cum loudly in ways you never could. Give in and accept it. Your orgasm is watching ME orgasm.Contains sph, verbal humiliation, solo masturbation, femdom, pov, dildo, vibrator, chastity tease, tease and denial, orgasm denial, female orgasm, pussy denial, wet pussy, big ass

Pastel Goddess - POV Your Orgasm is Watching Me Orgasm

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