Pastel Goddess – All of Your Money is Mine (1080p 30fps)

Im going to take everything you own. You dont need to worry about your little girlfriend, your home, car, or food. Youll give all of your money to me so you wont have those things anymore.Face it, you were made to lick the soles of my feet and sacrifice it all to be my little human ATM. Youll slave away at work and be so exhausted everyday. And when payday hits, youll enjoy $0 of your hard earned cash. Ill enjoy it all. And that will make you so happy, right?I dont care about any of your problems. Its none of a Goddess concern. You just turn into a complete drone staring at me playing with my boobs and talking down to you. Youre about to crack. Just give in and accept your place.As I thought!Contains verbal humiliation, sph, findom, financial domination, foot worship, ass worship, big boobs, femdom, bbw, cuckold humiliation

Pastel Goddess - All of Your Money is Mine (1080p 30fps)

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