My ass – hotter than your wife

Im going to tell you straight: just fucking admit that Im your biggest addiction. Ive caught you drooling in front of me. Youre addicted to my voice and my perfect ass. Im the reason your failing marriage is going to be ruined. But I dont care. Youre turned on by this situation… and so am I! Its only natural that you see me and find so many reasons to give me and not your boring wife all youve got. The more you look at me, the more addicted you are going to become. Youll have more and more reasons to do everything I ask you to do. Keep an eye on me, because this is where youll find all the reasons to kneel down and obey me. But listen to me, you wimp, for me youre nothing but a fucking whore. Im going to take everything I want from you while you jerk off like a pig. Thats what you want the most. At home youre bored with your wife, you need a Goddess like me to guide your wank, get you off while I empty your wallet. I want my tribute NOW! You think of nothing else but adoring my beautiful ass, but I want you to tell me, I want it to come out of you. I want you to tell me that I deserve it all before your wife. Ive got you hard with my ass, so round, big and perfect. Youre on your knees, jerking off, wanting to love on my ass, nervous and very horny. But Im going to play with you, because you know youre going to send me tributes as I unzip my zipper, and so on, until you cum like crazy. I want you to give it all to me, youre so pathetic and manipulable!

My ass - hotter than your wife

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