Moneysex – You only satisfy women with money

Hey stupid, isn`t it hard to know that there are men who can satisfy women with their dick ? Every day you watch those men hanging out with the most beautiful women. You will never be like them. You aren`t handsome, your aren`t self-confident, all you are is uptight and inhibited because you are unable to fuck. That`s the worst thing at all. You are unable to pleasure a woman with your dick and even if you could, no hot woman would want you. All you can get are those fat and ugly chicks that other guys deny. What a sad life you lead ! Back in highschool you have been conditioned to be a loser. You were never able to get a girl at school, all you could do, is to watch the other guys making out with the hot and popular girls in class. You got marked as an loser for life. Today, your soul is broken. You are into stuff like buying used shoes or waste form girls who are fucked by better males. You can not have these girls and you will never get them. Women of my league aren`t interested in you. We only talk to you as long as you pay for it, like I do in this clip. I don`t care about you. Not at all. Its all about the money bitchboy.

Moneysex - You only satisfy women with money

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