Money Slavery (HDTVMOV) – Cassandra

long time ago since we had a financial domination clip! so today we have a new one starring gorgeous mistress cassandra! at her boots where YOU belong this clip starts! you are allowed to raise YOUR head up to the sheer beauty of this bitchy lady! “YOU know why YOU are here… i want YOUR money. ALL of it…” it seems, that YOU dont share this, so YOU are hesitating to give YOUR mistress what belongs to her – EVERYTHING YOU OWN! EVERYTHING YOU HAVE! but cassandra will make YOU pay…for sure… in the end YOU will even loose YOUR credit cards… “you dont need money! your are fat enough! eat water and bread! and i dont care where you live, sleep under a bridge YOU pathetic looser….” german language! clip duration: 08.14 mins.

Money Slavery (HDTVMOV) - Cassandra

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