ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – You are the boss of a company. The video starts with you sitting at your desk with your sexy oily legs, and dangling your beautiful feet while working on the laptop. Your a little bit nervous, and not in a good mood because you have a lot of work to do. Then one of your employees calls you and tells you someone came to be interviewed for the position of your new personal assistant of Mistress Gaia. You say ok let him come in.He comes in with his head down saying to you, “hello Mistress Gaia” You tell him “come here next to me don’t be shy or afraid of me little man” You start to interview him with a couple of questions. “Firstly, how old are you”? He answers “I’m 55 yrs old” You say to him “ooo you poor little old man, you need this job ha? and you laugh at him. You also taunt and mock with him. After that you ask him “Are you married, and do you have a family” He answers “Yes Madam Gaia” again his head down with embarrassment. You look at him and tell him “Are you crying little man?” “No Madam Gaia” and you say to him “yes I see youcrying, ooo poor little man”and you start laughing at him again.Then you tell him “now stop crying and listen to me very carefully. As you suddenly get up you notice how really small he is next to you, and you start to taunt him and mock him. Then you say to him, “Omg I don’t know how I can give you to this job, you’re very small and such a insignificant man. Actually I need someone younger and more energetic. A strong fit man to be my personal assistant. Because my personal assistant must carry all of my heavy luggage and shopping bags. He must wash my car, drive me, do my laundry, maintain and clean my home, and my garden too. He must also have to take care of my pets, cook for me, prepare my bath and massage my feet at least 1 hour every fucking day. Then maybe you can go home to see your wife and family only after you finish these responsibilities of yours. Do you understand little man!” You say this with a loud voice and angry face. Then you say to him. “ I don’t think that you able to take this job, because you’re just a little old man, and you also look very weak. Your not strong enough to earn this great job opportunity.However, I’ll give you a some chances to prove yourself to me.1 ) you should beat me in arm wrestling.2) you have to carry this heavy luggage of mine.”He should stay behind you and start to carry some heavy luggage of yours while your walking sexily in front of him. He tries carrying the luggage for about 1 minute but after that he gets tired, falls to the ground and can’t carry anymore. You tell him, “this is your last chance, if you can reach and kiss my armpits you will be offered the job little old man. Since he miserably fails all tests. You say to him… “You failed poor little old man now get down and kiss my feet and apologize me for taking my precious time” After that you push him away and telling him “now get the fuck out here and try to find another job for your family you old fucker…


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