ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – If possible I would like to have a video with role play of three university students. Two females who humiliate their male class mate.Scenario: The video should start with you talking badly of the male who has clearly shown interest in you. Thinking of him being a nice guy, you decide to invite him to your home to humiliate him a little, initially you will wear casual clothes, with trainers. As for the guy, I would like him to be called Emanuele and wearing a pair of glasses. Explain to him the reason for the call, by telling him that you have noticed his interest in you. You immediately start to humiliate him, making him understand that a man like him can never aspire to be the boyfriend of such a beauty as you. You get him on his knees and begin to undress him, laughing at him, and of course his unpleasant physical appearance. You tell him that the only thing he can aspire to do is clean the dirt of your shoes, spitting in his face you make him clean the soles of sneakers. You remove his pants and laugh at the small size of his penis. Then you take his wallet and go through it, telling him you are going to take all his money. You then get him on his knees and tell him to crawl into the toilet, where you humiliate him more . sticking his head down the toilet bowl and telling him hes your toilet slut. You also use the toilet paper to blow your nose and make him eat it. As Its near time for you to go out, you then leave him on the floor with your trainers on his face, telling him he must stay there until you return. After dinner, on your arrival back you continue to humiliate him. You tell him you have a couple of used condoms, and your going to make him swallow the cum. Of course he refuses, and you slap him into submission. With him on the floor and helpless, you then stamp on him telling him what a wimp he is and you would never consider dating a slut like him. Finally leaving him with the condom in his mouth as a reminder of a great day of Student Capers…


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