ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – You are home, unwinding drinking a glass of vino. You are wearing a tight skirt, stockings and slippers. Your stepson is failing in two classes in school. Today the principal called you and informed you that he hasn’t come to school since last week. You call him from his room, and order him to lower his underwear and give him a very hard spanking but you notice he is humping your legs and left a stain on your stockings. You take him by the ear, tie his hands behind his back and push him to his bed. To punish him you will give him a long tease and denial and to drive him crazy you rub the tip of his penis only with your thumb and forefinger. When he is ready to come you pull your fingers away. He arches his back in desperation to try to reach your fingers but he can’t. He humps the air and you laugh at him. You tell him to stop or you will tell the father who will be home soon. You then give him a ruined orgasm and order him to eat his own cum shoving it in his mouth. You tape his mouth shut, you blindfold him and tie his legs to the bed, close the lights and leave him locked in his room.


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