ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday at DungeonRoma I am in the company of a mistress friend. We have two slaves at our disposal, and since they have only little cocks they can never give pleasure to a woman. We decide to make them mate with each other. Because one has the smallest cock my friend and I have ever seen, however strangely enough, a lot of sperm can come out of such a small dick. Since the other slave is impotent, we decide that his task today will be to suck the other slaves small cock … He will remain standing. In fact, this slave cannot get excited in any way. Even seeing the bodies of two beautiful Mistresses does not make him aroused. Today will be the last resort, maybe mating with a fellow man will be able to make his little dick stand up. We order the other slave to position himself on his knees and take the cock in his mouth and start sucking it. In a very short time, the miracle I was hoping for takes place: The fat slaves little cock is completely straightened. However, the kneeling slave begins to do his job badly, slowing down the pace and removing the cock from his mouth. We cant afford to make the other slave lose the arousal, so we take some duct tape and wrap the slaves around each other, so that the kneeling slut is left with the other slaves small cock in his mouth. In a few minutes, the standing slut is about to cum. Since the other slave loves to swallow other mens sperm, this time I decide to punish him by closing his mouth with the tape. Thus begins the countdown for the orgasm, which must take place on the face of the other slave. It only takes a few seconds and a very strong jet of sperm comes out of the fat mans small cock, and floods the face and body of the other slave, who receives a delicious shower of sperm. This coupling between slaves gave us a lot of fun, from today a new couple was born in Mistress Gaias slave harem!


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