ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – I finally broke off with my fiancée. I did what Mistress ordered me to do. So now Im more free to dedicate myself to Mistress Gaia. A mistress and a person far superior to my ex. There is no comparison . She tells me that when we meet and be in her presence I will submit my body, and completely belong to her. When Im before Mistress Gaia, I will close my eyes and think only of being guided. She orders with the first rule, I must not look at other mistresses. She understands that every now and then, I still have the urge to look at other mistresses and watch their videos. It must not happen again… Never again… She shows me her beautiful lips from which her saliva flows. Then she tells me that when I look at her lips I dont understand anything anymore. She also tells me that I will transfer all of my inheritance that I will receive from my parents. You will receive all my inheritance, and I will forever serve as the slave of Mistress Gaia…


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