ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Mistress I would like an orgasm control video, where you will make me masturbate in different ways and positions. I will be in chastity for at least a few days. Handle the video as you see fit, it drives me crazy that I dont know whats going to happen, so just like its a real session you will order me everything to do in an authoritative tone. A few guidelines: since I will have your panties, I would like you to use them as a means to drive me crazy, eg. wearing them, but only with a condom so as not to ruin them with my little dick, or putting them on my face or in my mouth and other things you like. Specify under what circumstances and for how long you have worn them. In the end, after a long tease and denial you decide when and how I can cum. Finally you will order me to always masturbate with your panties on or on my face. If possible, initially dress with sheer stockings, miniskirt and transparent blouse, then you can also take off the stockings and skirt during the video. I would like you to call me at least once by my name (Federico) and with various titles to humiliate me. I am a 33 year old not very gifted (13 cm), I love humiliation, feet, tease & denial.


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