It’s Valentine day and I’m really craving for sex. My husband is a good wealthy man; he loves me and he’s always ready to satisfy all my (expensive) wishes; for my birthday he bought me the car of my dreams and a beautiful collier of diamonds. But, unfortunately, nobody is perfect: he cannot please me in bed: his cock looks like a baby cock and cannot even get hard. But today, I really need to have sex and in one way or another, I will get it. I invited the young personal trainer of my gym. I want to spend the night with him: going out for dinner and then take a hotel and fuck for the entire night. I don’t care if my hubby had already planned to take me out; the only thing he can do, is to lick my feet and my ass and, perhaps, my boyfriend’s feet. After all it’s not the first time that I cukhold him and it won’t be the last one. All I need is his credit card; can still try to please himself stroking his tiny cock!!!


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