ENGLISH LANGUAGECUSTOM REQUEST – The video is basically very similar to the “Slave Stool” you made at my request, with the slave sitting cross-legged on the ground and used as a chair. The angle of view from the side (as in the previous video) is fine, as well as a 3/4 from the front. Your clothing is light and for home, so a light dress or a short dressing gown, on your feet a pair of slippers, can be flip-flops if you want but they are fine even a little prettier.The starting situation is this: Giulia, a lady in her 40s whom you recently met, has decided to rebuild a life with her lover after having subjugated her husband for many years. For this reason, at your suggestion, she handed you her husband so that you can dispose of him as you wish. The husband / slave is delivered to you along with a letter in which Giulia tells you how she brought him into the situation of slavery in which he is now. The letter can be read in less than 4 minutes, so you can read it very calmly. At the beginning of the video, the slave is already in position, blindfolded. You sit on top of him and announce to him that from now on he can forget everything that was his previous life, because you will be his absolute mistress. To make him understand that you have no hope, you decide to read Giulias letter aloud in his presence. During the reading you often change your position, even standing up and settling back on the slave, which you use as a real object to lean on. In some moments you may be sitting astride the slaves neck, in other moments you may be cross-legged, perhaps swinging a slipper a bit. Also if you want you can have a drink or smoke a cigarette while reading. In short, behave as if instead of the slave there was a normal stool. The letter for the slave is very hard to bear and in fact he often emits groans of desperation, also because he discovers some things only now hearing them read. But you find it funny, especially some passages, and you often stop to make giggles and various comments. (To make it even more authentic, it would be great if you didnt read the letter before shooting the video, however you decide if its possible).Once you have finished reading the letter, you tell the slave that you intend to continue to exploit him like a mule, as Giulia has done for years. Only this time he will literally become a mule and therefore will also be ridden and used for heavy work. In telling him these things you also make allusions at the end that mules make if they turn out to be incapable and therefore useless. That said, you mount him on his back, take the blindfold off his eyes and put it in his mouth as if they were reins, then you use a slipper to beat him and order him to move, and riding him you leave the scene.The video I would say should be about 10 minutes long.


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