ENGLISH SPEAKINGIm waiting on a guest coming to film with me. I have this bitch of a slave that was supposed to make sure everything in my studio was perfect. After checking, I discovered that he hadnt cleaned a ashtray out. I decided to punish my bitch. I bound him in the bondage bench and made sure he was really uncomfortable. Only his face is showing. Im going to relax with a cigarette while at the same time punish my bitch. I want him be my human ashtray, and hes going to suffer. I light my cigarette and begin to enjoy it, and flick my ash into his mouth. He seems to be trying to keep that mouth of his slightly closed. No problem… I soon fix that by placing a tight jennings gag into his mouth. Much better… He gargles and gasps for air, as I stretch the gag nice and wide. I can now see the back of his throat and continue to use it as my ashtray. I finally stub out my cigarette end on his tongue. Leaving him to choke on my burning hot ash…


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