ENGLISH SPEAKINGOnce again Im joined by my beautiful mistress friend, and we are both going to enjoy some competition with two of our slaves. We begin by having one of them crawl to the foot of my throne, and we are going to make sure he is ready to be abused. We have also told him he will be rewarded if he obeys our instructions. However, first things first… He has such a tiny little cock, and its difficult for us to do much with it. We begin by poking it with our beautiful stiletto heeled boots, and giving him some slaps. We want to see if his tiny cock can become some sort of throbber. We also allow him to play with it, to see if he can get it up. Then we call on our other bitch over. He has to kneel over our tiny throbber boy. With his cock already semi hard, I tell him to start playing with himself. We hive him some encouragement, as I grab his nipples and give them a tight squeeze. My friend also does the same with the other slut lying on his back. As we taunt and tease our bitches, the race is on as they both enjoy the luxury of trying to make themselves cum. Tiny throbber uses only two fingers, while the other one kneels over him taking aim with his cock above his face. We continue to abuse them both, and amazingly its tiny throbber that is first to cum as he squirts his mess into the air. We have to laugh as its such a surprize, because in the beginning we couldnt even find his micro cock. Its been a good little competition. However, we think both our sluts need some serious hand practice…


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