ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Your slave has a bit of a leg fetish, and luckily for him you are going to allow him to indulge in it today. However, he doesnt know yet that there will be severe punishment in return after his fun. The scene starts with your slave standing up against the wall with his arm bound and hoisted up. You walk over to your slave wearing a high cut thong and a small top. Your body is glistening with oil especially your ass and legs. You verbally tease the slave while you torment his cock with your ass and legs until he can take no more. Seeing this, you offer to grant him permission to fuck your legs but you will need something in return. The slave obliges with no questions.You oil up your ass and legs some more before proceeding to tightly squeeze the slaves cock in between your legs, and allowing him to fuck your legs. You toy with your slave by dictating his pace while fucking you beautiful thighs. You also alternate between fast and slow to keep him going until he cums all over your legs by the end. After the slave gets his release, you reveal the surprise punishment that will be inflected upon him…


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