Miss Betsy – You Are Just my Bootrest (720p MP4)

Miss Betsy loves having slaves around, so she can use them however she likes. Today one of her slaves will be used as her human furniture. Actually his mouth and his face to be precise are going to be used as a bootrest. Sitting very comfortably on her couch Miss Betsy just rests her boots and heels exactly on the slaves pathetic mouth whether he likes it or not. He has to keep his mouth open most of the time, so the heels of the boots dont touch the floor, but only his mouth and face. Not showing him any mercy whatsoever The Goddess is probably aware that resting her heels while keeping his mouth open might cause him pain, but she doesnt really care. Shes just busy doing some stuff on her phone, ignoring him most of the time.Actually Miss Betsy reprimands him a few times by telling him to be quiet and this sort of thing, but hes been ignored most of the time during the clip.

Miss Betsy - You Are Just my Bootrest (720p MP4)

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