MD POV – Training Your Boyfriend to Eat his Cum (1080 HD)

1080 HD Many of you may have seen my video where I discuss training your boyfriend to become your human toilet. That video was very well received, but some of you wrote to see if I could discuss training a boyfriend to do something less extreme. Some of the ladies suggested cum eating training as a good intermediate lesson, either as a standalone for women who do not want to use their boyfriend as a toilet or as a step on the way to the more advanced full toilet training. I thought this was a great suggestion. In this clip, I teach a multistep process for subjugating your boyfriend through training him to eat his own cum. The training is sort of complex, but I break it down step by step and explain my reasoning along the way. The training process is very covert, and your boyfriend will not even really know he is eating his own cum until it is too late, and you’ve gotten him very used to doing it. In the final step of this training, he will become aware that he is swallowing his own cum, but he will be so well trained that he will comply, even if disgusted. Once he accepts swallowing his cum you can tell him that he is broken and damaged and reject him as a permanent failure. Not only will he be hard-wired to swallow all of his cum, but he will do it without question. Unfortunately for him, now the only thing that will ever get him off is the thought of being your cum dumpster and his sexuality will be altered forever by you, his girlfriend. (17:46 long)This clip was a custom order! If you would like your own custom order, please contact me through my website. Clip Contains: Madam Director, Lola, Femdom POV, Cum Eating Training, Humiliation, Tease and Denial, Mental Domination, FLR

MD POV - Training Your Boyfriend to Eat his Cum (1080 HD)

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