Lost In Leipzig – Big Boobs, Potato Salad – Rip Off

Together we, Madame Svea, Miss Catdeluxe and Lady Stefanie, have left a lasting impression on Leipzig and its submissives, slaves and fetishists. All kinds of different locations like BDSM studio, lost place, garden, park, cam etc. were used for our pleasure as well as our amusement! A well-known Ballermann hit is the song “big boobs, potato salad”. The title does not make any sense, but describes your situation very well. So you are allowed exceptionally to enjoy the sight on our stunning, big and hot boobs, at least as long as you have opened widely your wallet for us. You will be so much busy with gawking, that you will not notice at all, how greedy we are. Because women have one of the biggest preferences, in contrast to the weaker sex. We are able to multitask. While we are mutualy patting our breasts, we hold you firmly with one hand under control and take away your money with the other hand. If you are lucky, there will be just enough left over, so you can afford yourself a potato salad.

Lost In Leipzig - Big Boobs, Potato Salad - Rip Off

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