Lola POV – Mental Health Professional Recommends FDT to Treat Depression (1080 HD)

1080 HD You’ve come to see me, your empathetic mental health professional. I show you compassion. I gain your trust. You open up and share your feelings with me. I know about your depression and anxiety. I’ve learned a lot about your sex life. At work, you are perceived as powerful, in a position of authority. In your personal life, you are ignored or rejected by women over and over. Even when a woman is attracted to you, you lack the personal self-confidence to pursue a relationship. This has caused a great imbalance and is the root of your depression. Today in our session I tell you about a form of treatment I utilize called FDT. FDT will help you find happiness. Your life is imbalanced. People need well-rounded lives to feel happy. Imbalance is why you are unhappy. But FDT will help you acknowledge your failures and align you with a greater purpose. Today you will lean into your failure and feelings of inadequacy. You will learn that your feelings of inadequacy are rooted in the truth that you are inadequate. You are what professionals call a “beta” male. A beta male is in many ways inadequate to an “Alpha” male. You are intelligent and can achieve excellence in your professional life, but women will always find you to be somewhat uninteresting. This is because you are hardwired to be a hard worker for a reason. Your place is to provide with no expectations of anything in return.In FDT we will alter your expectations. We will work on your feelings of needing to be treated as a person. Instead, you will learn to feel more comfortable with being treated like an object. In FDT you will no longer be referred to as “he.” Instead, you will be referred to as “it.” You will no longer have to carry with you the anxiety and expectations of personhood or agency. You will be something that is acted upon as opposed to someone who takes action. You will no longer need to make any choices or decisions for yourself. You will do only as I say. I will be in complete control. You don’t need to worry about meeting your own standards. I will dictate your actions and the standards. You will not have to worry about anything sexually aside from performing great oral service for your Female Dominant. In day-to-day life, you will go to work and act normally, continuing to earn and provide. I’ve had my lawyers draw up some paperwork. You just need to make the decision to sign and I will make all the rest of the decisions forever. Submission is your path to true happiness. Surrender to Me. (13:00 long)Clip Contains: Madam Director Lola, Female Domination, Femdom POV, Financial Domination, Slave Training, Female Supremacy

Lola POV - Mental Health Professional Recommends FDT to Treat Depression (1080 HD)

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