Lola – Compulsive Masturbator ************ Slowly (1080 HD)

1080 HD Do you have a compulsive masturbation problem? I can cure it. But you may end up preferring your problem to my solution. And that’s why you’re tied down. I’m going to castrate you today, slowly and painfully. And I’m going to do it while teasing you. Say goodbye to your favorite vice. Farewell to lusting over women whom you could never fuck anyway. I use a variety of methods and tools for your slow, Sado-sensual ************ including the elastrator, the burdizzo, and finally, I cut. (21:14 long)Clip Contains: Madam Director, Femdom POV, Castratrix, Gelding, ************ Fantasy, Pantyhose Domination

Lola - Compulsive Masturbator ************ Slowly (1080 HD)

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