Locktober 2022 – Day 31

3, 2, 1, MINE … And by that I mean your horniness. It belongs to me. A fact you can not deny or even want to. With your horniness, wich is mine, I can do and let whatever I want. I can nip it in the bud, or drive you in no time into the needy lust and the latter I will do. The Locktober will be a chaste and horny month for you. Every day you will seek my six-sex-minute teasing to melt in your ever-increasing horniness and to cling to the hope to be allowed to experience an orgasm again after this Locktober, or to be kept permanently chaste and horny by me. An uncertain fate. Locktober day 31 and you feverish the grand finale already dripping. High time to tease your horniness one last time to the lust and to drive you to the edge of the craziness madness before the Locktober comes to an end.

Locktober 2022 - Day 31

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