I wanted to ask you for another video in which, still in the Cleopatra position but with a slightly different outfit (then Ill explain how), after having shown appreciation for the renunciation of having given you the balls, in an even more sadistic tone, you ask me (citing the my name, that is Davide) of wanting to apply on me a further deprivation that no Mistress has ever done to her slave, but for you I am a special slave therefore there is a need for a unique treatment with me: since slaps, whippings and kicks cause annoying screams, but also because the slaves voice represents a nuisance in itself, always with the famous scalpel you tell me that you will cut my vocal cords so that I will always remain devoted to you not only without virility but also without of the ability to oppose or complain. You have always dreamed of a silent slave like a feline who does not object to anything and who obeys all your desires without saying a word and without even being able to express himself. Once my vocal cords are severed, it will no longer be possible for me to interact normally with the world and this represents a guarantee for you that I will always be faithful to you and that I will be inextricably linked to you. Davide, you must be my silent slave forever, dedicated to fulfilling all my whims and serving me.As an outfit I thought to differentiate ourselves from the previous video to ask you to wear exclusively white hold-ups and nothing else… if you think its nice you can also wear white sandals (which you then remove like last time) but only those… I think that full nude with white hold-ups is already very beautiful in itself.


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Lady Scarlet at Yezzclips