Lady Scarlet – Lick in chastity

Mistress and Master, my partner and I are so dominant, completely dressed in black leather, we relax on the sofa when we notice a slave in the corner of the room. We bring him closer and the Master has him lick my black boots, suck my heels well while he also has to thank me for the opportunity Im giving him. We remind him that the key that the Master carries around his neck opens the chastity cage around his cock, he’d better to do what we say if he wants to hope to get out of chastity. When the boots are shiny we take them off, its time to directly lick my feet: I want to feel his tongue between my toes. While the slave continues his work I get an idea that I whisper in my partners ear: the Master immediately grabs the slave by the back of his neck and presses his head against my foot until it all enters the slaves throat, so fun! Now that the boots and feet are clean, we can ignore it and think about us but we wont send it away, it can still be useful as a helpless foot table…

Lady Scarlet - Lick in chastity

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