Lady Scarlet – Joi with my feet

CUSTOM REQUEST – I would like a humiliation video and masturbation instructions personalized with my name (Gennaro). Watching this video I will be given the opportunity to be able to touch myself guided by the Mistress. To be able to deserve the privilege of doing so, however, I will have to suffer, so put the clips on my nipples and then smell and lick Her sweaty socks, be teased while She takes them off. Im a wanker fetishist obsessed with Her feet. I would like to be guided from start to finish getting excited for Her by looking at Her feet from any angle, instep, soles, and listening to Her voice perhaps seeing in the foreground Her face alternating with feet repeating my name assiduously and slamming me in the face reality, telling me that I am a wanker loser and various insults…I will have to follow to the letter everything She tells me because I am really lucky to have this privilege to share this intimate moment with Her and I have to do it because She wants it and She will decide the rhythm and intensity of how to touch me. Shell make me pick up and slow down as She pleases. In the end She will allow me to splash through incitement, humiliation and insults always with my name, if possible without the contdown I dont like it.

Lady Scarlet - Joi with my feet

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